Huawei Is Competitive. Should The U.S. Be Worried?

Steven Cleghorn
5 min readFeb 6, 2024

There’s nothing like unfair competition to make a strong country self-sufficient. Stressors make China stronger. Mao and his memes are long gone. China believes it can compete with Uncle Sam and that self-confidence may lead us to war.

Huawei is becoming a top brand in China’s smartphone market again after the U.S. blacklisted the company in 2019, crippling its cell phone business by prohibiting it from using American software. Huawei gained market share after releasing its immensely popular Mate 60 Pro 5G smartphone, which uses a powerful Chinese-developed computer chip. China’s smartphone industry is rebounding after several rocky years: Shipments grew by 6.5% to 289 million units last year, according to the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology. The sales are worrying signs for U.S. firms like Apple, which saw a decline in mainland sales in the last fourth quarter.

Let’s see if Janet Yellen can talk some sense into China so ragged America can have a leg up and return to the business of providing freedom, democracy, and flourishing consumerism again.

One thing patriotic Americans might do to support their country is to buy Apple VR goggles (Apple Vision Pro) and start goggling.

Also, lobby your leaders to ensure that multinational corporations only buy components from the United States and only take raw materials from weaker countries that can’t make MacBooks.

And let’s make sure that only real Americans are making these components (high-value manufacturing) in the United States and that there is no sneaky labor arbitrage going on in places like Vietnam and Mexico.

Trust that once all regulatory barriers are removed in the United States, all multinational corporations will want to be domiciled in the United States and operate exclusively in the United States. Corporations globalized because of draconian regulations and a lack of leadership in States naturally configured to support the American Empire. Once THE MARKET is truly Free, America will be great again.

Let’s ensure corporations don’t have to pay too much for a day’s work, and let’s cut taxes. America has a central bank and private bankers that will ensure its sovereignty for generations to come.

If an individual in the United States wants more money, they can create a startup and see how they do it or start a hedge fund. If they are good, they will succeed. Americans Know Merit. The most important thing is that workers are natural-born Americans working in the United States, making American products that they can sell worldwide because they are the best products in the world, and the world knows it. Also because, the WORLD BANK has lent the world money to buy American products, while trade deals (The Rules-Based Order) ensure that American Corporations inside America have all the raw materials they need to make American products and that trade benefits the Empire.

The rules determining social hierarchy dominance also determine great power dominance. A Great Nation led by Great Leaders can act as a benevolent sovereign who maintains order in the world only when all nations understand their natural roles in the evolution of Mankind.

Someday, Chinese people will buy iPhones that contain 100% U.S.-made components made by Americans living in Beaver Con Villages.

It’s only a matter of time before the PAX Americana is back in force, and the Free Market will have made it so.

And for the rest of the world, don’t be jealous. Stick to your traditional ways of life and be good providers to the Empire, and we will send many tourists to your country to boost your GDP and help you enjoy good-paying service jobs.

And who knows, maybe some of you will become real Americans if you immigrate through the proper channels and bring techno-optimistic skills and investment.

Don’t worry about your demographic problems. America will be a net exporter of workers in the near future. People are more than willing to live somewhere where the cost of living is less expensive and where they can take pride in having a job that supports the Empire.

When Affective Techno Optimism is fully adopted in the United States (news flash, probably this year, it’s really not that hard), most American-made products will be made by American-made robots and robotic machines run by American-made computer applications on American-made quantum computers. Most of the labor, like picking fruit, will be done by American-made field robots. Most of the cooking and cleaning will be done by American-made house robots bought and sold on the Free Market by Masters of the Universe. (Think multi-planet American civilizations.) At that time, America will be a very exclusive country club whose members are primarily bankers, lawyers, and entertainers whose job is to entertain those who write the rules for the order that the Pax Americana depends on. When this happens, the world will be much more prosperous through the use of high-value American-made products. And someday, the whole world will be a country club, and due to our multi-planet civilization, there will be plenty of country clubs for all pro-natal American masters of the Universe, their bankers, lawyers, and entertainers. But don’t expect robots to have civil rights; only cybernetic human American organisms can hope for that.

We are the world; we are the technology, and we are the ones who make a techno world, so let’s start giving and stop resisting. The Natural Order is a beautiful thing. #foraflourishingfuture

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