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Steven Cleghorn
2 min readJan 13


Will we see NATO forces in Ukraine tip the balance in 2023? Is Rosy the Riveter going to help design and build robots for military equipment manufacturing in the United States so that Sam can increase output? (Buy MIC shares.) Will the United States mine its National Parks to get the materials needed for more HIMARS? Will global trade flows be kind to Uncle Sam’s efforts? If NATO sends bodies into the fray, will the war spread? Will a defeated Russia make the world a safer place? How did the Middle East fare after Sadam Husein? Does the world need another Uncle Sam-produced failed State?

Armchair cheerleaders know all the answers; our leaders don’t.

The time to prevent war is many years before they start.

Limit your war fantasies to computer games and Netflix.

We can do better than this.

New alliances will only intensify as the West invests more precious resources into its proxy war. It’s not enough anymore to think the opposition is stupid. The Global Financialized Economy has seen former colonies catch up to the West. “The weak men of Asia” are no longer weak, as if they ever were. Russia is still a formidable culture.

Who profits from this kind of old-fashioned conflict? It’s time for the world’s leaders to grow up.

And how about young people, schooled on social media platforms, who wonder what kind of meaningful work they will commit their lives to in pursuing the good life? Are they enthusiastic about filling the ranks of the revolving door country club of pundits and Robber Barrons? Will they have the right stuff to continue The Great Game that may end by destroying civilization and possibly life on Earth?

Meanwhile, there are systemically and structurally induced threats to every nation that require attention, investment, materials, and expertise. It may be time we focus on these problems before it’s too late. Let’s aspire to put aside our game theoretic, zero-sum, multipolar traps in favor of a sustainable future for our children and preserving life.

If you can’t imagine a better way to be part of the solutions, stay in front of your cable news shows and enjoy yourself. There are plenty of hard people working that will step up for you. Let’s hope their efforts are enough.

Originally published at on January 13, 2023.



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