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Steven Cleghorn
2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Amerika in the Upside Down

Hamilton, Jefferson, NATO and the Border

Who will win the karmic meme wars?


“Think Globally Act Hillbilly” depends on how one thinks and acts, which affects both spheres. Oh, “The Varieties of Thinking and Acting Experience.” Fossil Capitalism has made memetic warfare all the more destructive while creating wealth, lots of people, and cool stuff. Humpty Dumpty (the teetering idea man, always on the cusp of disaster) is constantly evolving, never broken, and can’t be put back together because of the push-pull of creative/destructive aspects of the interplay between the laws of the Universe, consciousness, culture, and mind. (And we hardly know what we are talking about.) As we think of America’s mythological/historical narratives in the context of a global scale on a longer timeline, I hear echoes of “The Lucifer Principle.” Circumstances will dictate the manner of seemingly controlled panic we get on with day after day while we all play our parts in various superorganisms we know as culture. There never was an ideal to rebuild or revisit, only a particular set of ideas we’ve been pondering reasonably mindlessly for thousands of years with their slightly evolving narratives that shed light on the positive and negative attributes of our experience. A tiny fraction of people ride the infinite game train of thought. We transcend nothing. The Universe holds fast. Our species was always falling-fallen-and it all feels quite profound while we live.

“Not forever does the bulbul sing

In balmy shades of bowers,

Not forever lasts the spring

Nor ever blossom the flowers.

Not forever reigneth joy,

Sets the sun on days of bliss,

Friendships not forever last,

They know not life, who know not this.”

Khushwant Singh, Train to Pakistan


Originally published at https://www.cospolon.eu on February 16, 2024.



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