The “CSI EFFECT” 2020 — Two heroic researchers from The W.H.O. go to China to investigate the origins of SARS-COVID-2 and discover that the mainstream narrative was correct. There is a beginning, middle, and an end, just like on T.V.

The Players/Looters can get back to business scrambling to control assets and resources before the Great Game ends. Wear your mask, wash your hands, don’t touch anyone, keep your distance, make sure your government buys and stockpiles expensive pharmaceuticals that may or may not work, take your supplements, pray, fight, protest, and wait for a vaccine that may or may not help 10 to 60 percent of the people who get it. And please, for God’s sake, follow President Bush’s advice, updated for 2020, and, “Just go shopping on Amazon.”

The spectacle will resume at a stadium near you once the Players have had their fill of assets. Your businesses will be chopped up by private equity and dumped, your jobs will be automated. Don’t expect any dividends if you don’t own stocks/equities.

Now, get back to your computer in the kitchen and work your tail off. Take that online course to get an inside track on that web-based job. Hop on that cargo ship while working your gig economy labor contract as you travel the world and bear witness to the decline of the tech-driven-industrial consumer culture. Maybe you will get lucky and land on a farm, do not “pass go,” collect peaches from the orchard.

As we all know, we are required to carry a tracking device at all times; we are not be able to live without it. Carry it until you are wearing it and remember, they are watching you. Wear it until it’s integrated into your body, augmenting your consciousness more directly than through old fashioned media. Embody it until you are uploaded into the cloud.

Don’t panic; only the war machine’s investors make money on panic and fear. Stay peaceful and follow direction- you know the drill, you’ve read the novels. Reestablish a conventional mainstream narrative that supports the wealthy to ensure a reasonable extension of relative comfort, food, and entertainment until hot-bulb earth makes it impossible to live in most parts of the planet. Sophisticated scientists, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs will make sure your neurotransmitters make you feel stimulated and “happy.”

We are poorly programmed agents (not free agents) whose function is to perpetuate a self-terminating game that only sociopaths play. Above all, we must make the players believe that they desire our affection. If not, they will kill us all and play with their robots.

But don’t think about all of that. Focus on nominating your brother for Queer Eye or your daughter winning a ZOOM delivered American Idol contest. Know in your hearts that someday your Super Bowl M.V.P. will be going to Disney World that feels a lot more like West World. And remember, people don’t solve problems, guns solve problems.

Jesus loves you, Mohamed is the profit, after the cycles of birth and death there is liberation, meditation is good, Sam Harris is smart, Jordon Peterson is wise, Science/Technology/Engineering is amazing, Donald will make America great again in his second term, Black Lives Matter, you too can empathize with a rape victim, aluminum staws will save the planet, we will terraform Mars, Elon Musk is a genius, Bill Gates know more about everything than anyone and can give more to charities he deems worthy than you can, Robert Deniro is oppressed, Tucker Carlson is a public intellectual, not an entertainer, the Democrats and Republicans are different parties, you need a new iPhone, open-source is scary, Capitalism is the best economic system ever, Lefties cause cancer, a plant-based diet costs money just like a keto diet or a paleo diet, etc.

Come on, let’s reinvigorate this story. Let’s fix it. It was a good story despite the endless war, environmental destruction, inequality, climate change, and so on. It’s fun and exciting!

I have a solution. Make inflation taboo. End taxes for everyone, yes, of course, corporations are people too. Give everyone 100K USD equivalent a year and keep extracting resources to provide growth in products and services. Bail everything and everyone out like a perfect version of modern monetary theory and let people return to their consumer habits. We will worship elites, whether they are preachers, business people, sportspeople, or entertainers. Life will be good until the earth can no longer support humans. The end will look more biblical then. Perhaps that’s the poetic end we’ve always wanted.

Come on, folks, let’s work our asses off for @TheRealApocalypse.

This looks like a lot like Mars— we made it.



I'm an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur, and a former producer at The Muse Films Ltd. in Hong Kong. I founded Globe Hackers Multimedia Ltd.

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Steven Cleghorn

I'm an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur, and a former producer at The Muse Films Ltd. in Hong Kong. I founded Globe Hackers Multimedia Ltd.