“The Ignorati” — a definition of White Nationalist Identity

Steven Cleghorn
3 min readNov 23, 2016


“The Ignorati” is a nostalgic movement stemming from intellectually lazy white men clinging to a form of hyper-masculine, frontier-moral-absolutism. They are a subset of a kind of white nationalist conservative mindset hinted at by Jonathan Haidt in his book, “The Righteous Mind”, who purposefully eschew honest intellectual pursuits in favor of a form of bigoted common sense.

To them, the Twenty-First Century is a cultural “black box”, and utterly mysterious — the function of which is controlled by a conspiratorial elite committed to usurping their freedom.

The “Elite” that The Ignorati is concerned with is more nebulous than the hackneyed “Illuminati” and because it is understood to flow from sources of intuited, and yet, unintelligible disorders of liberal social values inherent in progressive ideals, is capable of inspiring even greater degrees of paranoia in its base adherents.

Their ultimate fear, however, is emasculation by women who are markedly smarter and more independent than they are.

In order to disguise their fear they often participate in paramilitary groups and exalt in the deadly power of firearms.

These Oedipal conflicts can manifest various forms of neuroses and social-pathological behaviors.

The Ignorati are often seduced by demigods and prefer a rigid authoritarian social order to classical liberal values.

One’s educational and socioeconomic status is not necessarily a determining factor of one’s potential attraction to Ignorati Culture.

One common characteristic of proud members of The Ignorati is their conscious effort to ignore facts and reality and fight hard to promote an alternative worldview where Western Civilization is threatened with a plethora of enemies who conspire against the white race.

In this worldview, only another member of The Ignorati is smart enough, moral enough and strong enough to know The Truth.

The Ignorati presuppose the supremacy of the white race and a mythologized form of Western Civilization.

They often personify an utter lack of imagination and long term planning skills preferring a much more reactionary way of being.

“The Petty Ignorati” is made up of people who are averse to disciplined critical thinking processes and scientific skepticism as toolkits for understanding nature and reality. They are inherently unable to contemplate complexity.

For The Petty Ignorati, the world is a simple place where dogmatic traditions replace intellectual curiosity and traditional beliefs and delusions are greatly respected and admired.

For an understanding of the antithesis of “The Ignorati” please see the article on “The Enlightenmenti”.

***If these tendencies are unfamiliar to you study history, anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy and domains of science. In other words, give yourself a decent liberal education. God loves autodidacts.

***The disease is Culture and Culture is the cure.



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