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Steven Cleghorn
2 min readApr 15, 2024

I am a big fan of The Gurometer. I actually appreciate some of the people on the list above—Nassim Taleb and, of course, Carl Sagan.

I have nothing against people of faith, but I am not a Reverend Moon. Such vanity gives me the creeps. At any rate, even if you disagree with Reverend Moon’s placement on that list, The Gurometer is still an excellent addition to your Baloney Detection Kit. It might help you navigate the idiotic lies and shallow ideas that greedy, narcissistic goofballs force-feed us daily.

(Publicity, Public Relations, Advertising, Punditry, Preaching, Propaganda)

The only way to get away with not continually developing decent critical thinking skills is to be an ascetic and renounce the world as far as possible or surrender to whatever floats your boat. Let’s hope the “company store” will hold for a while longer; eventually, we will all have to face the circumstances of our addictions (broadly speaking.)

Some of us have had a good run and can be thankful for having experienced the best possible worlds.

Utopia will never come into the possession of Homo Sapiens. Utopianism is a fashion and dream deployed by despots and con artists. Whether “protopianism” can become a fashion needs defining. The age-old philosophies and arguments will remain—people will continue to fight over what, why, and how questions. The tools for “mind control” are more sophisticated and powerful than ever, and we are still the same people we always were, so old wine in new wineskins or visa-versa, whatever is new is old again, or whatever is old is new again.

Qui Bono?

Who will be the next King? What new church will arise from the ashes of stochastic circumstances? Our illusion of agency will be as strong as ever as we stumble into the future with our beliefs propping us up. There will always be those who profess to know the absolute truth, and still, people crush children with bombs with reasons and justifications for all.

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