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Steven Cleghorn
3 min readMay 25, 2022

I am new to this line of philosophical inquiry within this ideological context. I am not sure if linking this to the New Right or traditionalism is fair, but I think this is their perspective. Aarvoll is a fascinating scholar I recently discovered. I had not known of PhilosophiCat until I watched this video.

Below are my comments on the video.

This was an excruciatingly exciting conversation. I am always thrilled when I find people having this kind of discourse in this manner.

I don’t feel any of the following is profound. (I am not steeped in the literature, although I have read some of the books.)

Thoughts that popped up while listening.

  1. There are no subsets distinct from the set.
  2. I have a good relationship with my self but am not entirely enamored with my self.
  3. I endeavor to experience truth and behave as truthfully as possible, but I can’t imagine knowing “the truth” about anything esoteric. I feel humans are limited by too many things to have a deep understanding of reality. It is the root of all suffering that complete understanding constantly remains out of reach. “The Truth” is impossible for us to grasp, so we keep experiencing the same cycles in pursuit of it. Modern science with the latest, best of breed, tools brings us a particular type of knowledge (if we are able for it) while we are attracted to the musings of “The Ancients” in a constant desire for more profound meaning. (We are hanging on, grasping at straws.)
  4. After great effort, is “letting go” essential to a life well-lived?
  5. I sense similar relative cycles involving goods, or “The Good.” Any virtue is part and parcel of human experience close to culturally acquired focus.
  6. It is difficult for “The Will” to escape/transcend experiential programming.
  7. I can’t begin to imagine how any human could define God.
  8. When considering “The Infinite,” how deep could our understanding be? Even if we assume that we possess some divine, ineffable qualities due to our ability to reason or something else, that is not something because it is immaterial.
  9. What is Time? How many answers to this question can there be, and within what constraints? Can time dilate so fast that it’s eliminated? Can there be “The Void?” Can there be anything in “The Mouth” of “The Void?”
  10. What is the quality, character, and utility of a city-state where wisdom and truth are prime and core values? From a violent, ignorant ghetto, how does that arise? It seems to get snuffed out again and again, but the need for some individuals is to keep trying to make it happen. Most people can’t focus on metaphysical ideas. Even simple virtues are excruciatingly hard to live by on the ground of sin and desire. What scale of human society can have such a community? Could there be a world with a million distinct enlightened communities?
  11. Why do saints exist at all? Is it as simple as there can be no saints without sinners? God created “man” to have a creator?
  12. For God to experience the greatest good, there must be a modicum of free will and many deleterious avenues to focus one’s attention. God needs hyper-normal stimuli to experience himself? How can this be? How is God a self, a subset of the set?
  13. We know nothing of God; we only dissect and examine our selves (if we have the ability to do this in us for various mysterious reasons).
  14. Most people are parrots, robots, monkeys because, _______________________________. It is some people’s desire to fill in the blank.
  15. As always, why, why, why, and then you die.

It is what it is, was what it was, and shall be what it shall be, by virtue of having been.

Until death, I will imagine that I know what is going on: This is how I live with myself.

You may say he lacks the ability to explain himself, but that’s not so; he lacks the artistic audacity to do so.

Forgive me if I have gotten it all wrong.

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