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Steven Cleghorn
4 min readJan 24, 2024

Despite all the mishaps, mad arrogance, and brilliance of humans, we can’t imagine how our way of life might actually be our way of death. It’s sad to say so and believe me; I don’t like saying it. Many commentators and authors are not telling the whole story, which frustrates me. Even in the confines of a specific domain, there is a complete story to be told. If you want a lucrative career, ignore the forest and talk incessantly about a tree. Below is my reaction to a Bulwark Podcast episode.

Hello, The Bulwark. Are you also talking with climate scientists? Did you have a long discussion with James Hansen? Perhaps the science is too complex for your publication. Your faith is economics. I have not stumbled upon your content since I unsubscribed to your podcast. Have Nate Hagens on your show and let him suggest some future guests. The polycrisis isn’t only about global heating; it’s about legally coded, neoliberal, fossil capitalism’s omnicidal global culture. The good thing is David Wallace-Wells’ career is not in danger. Good on you, mate, you’re trying.

3% Groth Per Year! U.S.A.! U.S.A.! Rules-Based Order! LLMs, AGI, Quantum Computers! Yeah! Warm Green Showers at the Pentagon! A Green Special Farces, I mean Forces. Heck, warm green showers for everyone. Exotic warm green showers with an Eastern European accent for DJT and War Fighter Joe! Commies are gone, but the Russians stand strong, and everything is Iran-backed these days, so who needs an Iron Curtain or a Cold War when you can start a hot one?

The world’s nations will be encouraged to give America its stuff to make more Uncle Sam culture for the world. There will be a Disneyland in every country!

The technologists and scientists (the good ones who understand what side of the culture wars to be on) will find ways to recycle and reuse microplastics and forever chemicals for the good of all Mankind, no matter what Mankind’s pronoun is or what suite of critical theories it identifies as or with. Capitalists will have living space and lots of energy, food, and services from Ukraine and Greater Israel. And the beauty of it is, while this thing of ours sorts itself out, Anglo American Players won’t get their hands dirty. As usual, they will find arbitrage opportunities and outsource to foreign States and coalitions of the willing. “It’s not just a job; it’s an adventure and a chance to be a part of THE American Dream.

Pay your rent, plebs, and proles, and thank Sam for your many gig economy jobs and your “token economy.” Mind your digital currency wallet ( CBDC) while Elon moves the server farms to underground bunkers on Mars, where the fusion reactors provide ample energy to run the Multiverse. “Really, It’s not that hard.”

Enjoy the shareholder value inherent in the zero-to-one-billionare race to space. (Vanity, it’s all vanity.) Shareholder Value equals Values-a strong moral and ethical stance for human nature and teleological human cultural evolution. What a feat! The vaporware rocket ships will have fantastic press releases as long as the stock price goes up every quarter.

The Staff and Crew at Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX all work for something greater than themselves—profit, and profits are dwindling to nothing.

Mine it all! A child is born every day in Congo. E-waste is a signal to Aliens that we are an advanced civilization that will send transhuman machines to colonize the Universe. Blade Runner wasn’t set on Earth. Alien civilizations can’t wait to thank Uncle Sam for bringing them an Anglo Rules-Based Order. Remember this, Aliens: only one Superpower can keep the Universe expanding-if Sam isn’t running the show, no one will. Sam is only doing God’s will. Sam is a first mover and fast, and only Sam can fix it after he breaks it.

We are all accelerationists now. Be thankful. You know the end is only the beginning of business as usual. Take a deep breath. We can “have the conversation,” but no one will sacrifice a moment away from their many addictions to change the system, much less their lifestyle. Can we coordinate across cultures and nation-states to solve pressing existential problems? Modern Monetary Theory can make funds available to the MIC so Sam can make war, but not for much else. So let us all wait and see what’s next. It will be fun while the fun lasts.

***The Bulwark sure takes risks. Honestly, though, I think they are still apologists for business as usual. The folks at The Bulwark can’t imagine what’s next.

Steven is an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur, and film producer from America who has been traveling since he was a zygote. He seeks the company of interesting minds.


Originally published at https://www.cospolon.eu on January 24, 2024.



Steven Cleghorn

I'm an autodidact, skeptic, raconteur, and a former producer at The Muse Films Ltd. in Hong Kong. I founded Globe Hackers Multimedia Ltd.