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Steven Cleghorn
3 min readFeb 7, 2024

Too many addictions to superstimuli can kill us, especially when we feel powerless because all the stimulation distracts us so well from our predicament that we feel an illusion of control. (Eat your tasty fast and processed delights and take your pills.)

Much of what we believe gives us the illusion of having power when the only thing that really gives us hope is fitting into whatever random culture we were born into or fell into after having been buffeted about by circumstances beyond our control — nature, nurture, and insult. Learning the necessity of self-interrogation is a rarely sought-after art. That’s okay; this is normal. We are all part of a superorganism of one kind or another that provides ready-made answers to complex and complicated problems we’d rather not confront.

Our way of life is righteous, reflects reality, and makes sense, while those of others are barbaric, ridiculous, unhealthy, and unclean.

For those of you with faith in a higher power, earthly matters don’t matter much anyway because you will reap your rewards after you die. For the powerless, faith is a lifesaving habit. A relationship with an invisible power is an ounce of prevention that trumps a pound of cure.

But we must beware: our faith can also be a license to kill.

Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean we turn away when a bad guy treats another bad guy in horrifically violent and cruel ways.

Keep on consuming, and things will right themselves — that’s what we know, and we all think we are consuming the right recipes proscribed by one kind of God or another or bequeathed by a King or Ubermensch.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping will reportedly meet with top stock market regulators this week as the country contends with a rapidly worsening economy. Stocks listed in Hong Kong and mainland China have lost $7 trillion of value since 2021, and Chinese shares briefly sunk to five-year lows this week. It’s unclear if a potential stimulus measure may result from the talks. Still, government officials need to ensure the market stabilizes before China enters the Lunar New Year holiday period next week to “avoid further hurting consumer confidence,” Bloomberg reported. China has repeatedly introduced measures over the last year designed to reassure investors, but the relatively modest policies have not been enough to combat troubling economic indicators, such as high levels of youth unemployment and mammoth amounts of debt.

Let Jesus Take The Cruise

Say goodbye bye to rabid consumerism and cheap shyte dot com. We are entering a new era whether you are a techno-optimist or not. Our world has material constraints.

True value is something we thrive on; we know what it feels like, just like we know porn when we see it — addictions to commercial memes that force us to consume amount to cultural cancer.

One day, circumstances will force faithful meme-eating humans to believe it.

Originally published at https://www.cospolon.eu on February 7, 2024.



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